Find the Ideal Decking Materials for Your Atlanta, GA, Project

Decking Supplies AtlantaWhen it comes to decking supplies, Randall Brothers is the retailer of choice for Atlanta, Georgia, contractors, remodelers, builders, and DIY homeowners alike. Whether you’re installing a new deck or updating an old one, you’re sure to find decking materials at our store with the aesthetics and durability that you’re seeking – all at the price point your budget requires.

Randall Brothers proudly offers a vast selection of popular decking materials made by top manufacturers. Our inventory includes many types of deck boards made of PVC, composite, treated wood, natural wood, and other materials, and we offer these options in many different colors and sizes, ensuring that you’ll find exactly what you need. You’ll see full-size displays of each of these decking types at any of our store’s incredible outdoor decking center displays.

So, instead of basing your purchase on a small 6-inch sample or what you see in a brochure, you’ll have the opportunity to actually walk on a deck crafted from each type of material, see how the whole system looks when built, and compare your various options side by side.

Plus, our expert staff is an invaluable asset to professional and DIY deck builders alike. Our team will gladly help you select the best materials for your project and explain how to build your deck in compliance with local building codes. Even after you’ve made your purchase and your project is underway, feel free to reach out to us for any other information you need, from how far apart you should set your deck posts to how high you should build your railing.

Randall Brothers is also your best source for decking materials because we:

  • Can provide everything else you need for your project, including balusters, deck railing, fascia, accessories, and under decks systems
  • Store many of our decking materials indoors to keep them in better condition than what you’ll find from most outdoor lumberyards
  • Offer a vast selection of construction materials carried in-stock, so you won’t need to wait for weeks on a delivery

To find the supplies you need for your Atlanta, GA, decking project, be sure to contact us or better yet, stop by one of Randall Brothers branches and speak with one of our professionals today.


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