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For custom home builders and contractors, staying supplied is hard. In a job where customer demands can change constantly and without warning, finding a building materials company to back you up is critical. Having what you need to finish your jobs quickly can be the difference between generating profits and wasting time and money. At Randall Brothers, we understand what building professionals are going through. In fact, many of our staff come from custom building and construction backgrounds. That’s why we are the building materials company of choice among professionals in Atlanta, Georgia. Our exceptional sales team has decades of combined experience in both the construction and construction materials industry. Not only can we help you find exactly what you’re looking for, we can also help you figure out exactly what would work best for your projects. We can even help you with more technical demands, like navigating local codes or deciding the best way to tackle difficult construction problems.At Randall Brothers, we have a large stock of materials ready to be delivered in and around the greater Atlanta area. Since we’ve been working with suppliers for years, we also have extensive contacts to be able to order any supplies you need for your project. The next time you find yourself frustrated with your old building materials company, remember Randall Brothers. We can help keep you supplied and working, instead of waiting around on what you need in order to complete the job. To talk with a building materials expert, contact us today.