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Siding Atlanta GANichiha fiber cement siding is a high-performance exterior cladding product that has a wide array of both residential and commercial applications. And in the Atlanta area Nichiha fiber cement siding is exclusively available from Randall Brothers, Inc. – a local building materials supplier whose name has been “Trusted in Three Centuries.” We carry Nichiha cladding as we believe it is one of the best-performing brands in the extremely popular fiber cement category.

Let’s look at several of the reasons why Nichiha has become the siding brand of choice for so many in the construction and remodeling industries:


A concern many have with fiber cement is that it, when it is cut immediately prior to installation, it can release particles believed to pose a respiratory hazard. Nichiha has addressed this by significantly reducing the amount of silica in its fiber cement formulation.


Utilizing a proprietary stamping process, Nichiha is able to produce an impressively wide array of texture options. The process entails immense pressure that results in deeper grooves, more shadows, and enhanced visual drama – characteristics lacking in the siding produced by many other manufacturers.


All fiber cement cladding products need to be repainted eventually. And yet Nichiha applies multiple layers of protective coatings at the factory to greatly lengthen the time that passes before repainting becomes necessary. Specifically, it applies two coats of primer and one coat of an anti-efflorescence that hinders the development of chalky residue. 

For more information, contact Randall Brothers – the sole dealer of Nichiha fiber cement siding in the Atlanta area. We also have an excellent selection of windows, doors, decking materials, stair parts, and much, much more!

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