Recommendations for Choosing Replacement Windows for a Renovation Project in Roswell, GA

Replacement Windows Roswell GAChoosing the right replacement windows for your renovation project in Roswell, Georgia, is a must. That’s because replacing old windows is a major financial expenditure – one that necessitates a careful evaluation of how the new ones should both look and perform.

What factors should one consider when buying replacement windows? A good place to start is the frame material. Options include vinyl, which is budget friendly; aluminum, which is durable and low maintenance; composite, which offers great aesthetics and structural stability; and of course wood, which is often the preferred choice for historical renovations where fidelity to period-specific architecture is required.

Glass is another highly important window attribute. Popular today are double-pane windows with low-emissivity glass and vacuum-sealed argon gas fills. While some manufacturers produce replacement windows with as many as three panes of glass, the added expense generally isn’t justified by the incremental improvement in energy efficiency.

Any replacement windows that bear the ENERGY STAR® certification label can also be a great choice for your project in Roswell, GA. ENERGY STAR-rated windows are proven to help lower home energy consumption and contribute to a nationwide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Every ENERGY STAR window is independently verified and certified to perform at levels that meet or exceed federal government standards for energy efficiency. When looking at ENERGY STAR windows, always be sure to check the label to confirm that it has been certified for your specific geographical area. Fulton County, for example, home of Roswell, is in the South-Central Climate Zone.

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