How to Choose the Right Replacement Windows for Your Remodeling Project in Marietta, GA

Replacement Windows Marietta GAFinding the right replacement windows for a remodeling project in Marietta, Georgia, necessitates doing some homework. New windows aren’t exactly inexpensive, although choosing the best ones that your budget allows can be highly rewarding with regard to visual appeal, durability, and energy efficiency.

A vitally important thing to consider when shopping for replacement windows is whether they are ENERGY STAR® certified. That’s because the ENERGY STAR certification label is proof that a window either meets or exceeds baseline standards for energy efficiency that have been established by the federal government. Choosing ENERGY STAR certified windows can demonstrate your commitment to conserving energy, saving money, and reducing the size of a home’s carbon footprint. Replacement windows that have achieved this distinction typically have low-E glass coatings, gas-filled glazing, warm-edge spacers, and other features that help make a home or building less costly to cool and heat.

When shopping for replacement windows, you will have to decide on a frame material. Depending on your budget, you may have to go with something economical or you may have the freedom to choose higher end windows that perhaps have more bells and whistles. Also, a lot will depend on what kind of renovation project you are undertaking in Marietta, GA. If you are seeking to achieve historical accuracy, for example, chances are you will want to opt for window frames made of wood as opposed to frames made of, say, vinyl or aluminum.

For more information on how to find the right replacement windows for a project in Marietta, GA, contact Randall Brothers, Inc. A trusted building materials supplier located just south of the Georgia Institute of Technology, we proudly sell windows from several highly regarded manufacturers, including Sierra Pacific, Lincoln, Kolbe, and Ply Gem.

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