The History of Randall Brothers: A Tradition of Excellence

Taken at the turn of the 20th Century

Taken at the turn of the 20th Century

Back in ’85, 1885 that is, a father gave his son a mule and wagon loaded with firewood as a 21st birthday gift.  With that gift, an Atlanta tradition of excellence was born. 

Harvey Gatewood Randall Started business on October 5, 1885, selling the firewood his father gave him as a birthday gift.  His first sales site was at the corner of Marietta Street and North Avenue in Atlanta, the site of the company headquarters today.  Soon, his brothers W.L. and P.H. joined him in the business and Randall & Brothers was formed.  Years later, in 1919, the company was incorporated using the name we see today, Randall Brothers Inc.  One of the first major expansions in the product line was the addition of coal as a residential and commercial fuel source.  At one time, Randall Brothers had seven coal yards serving the Atlanta area.  Coal was such a major product line for the company until the 1940’s, that the company had become affiliated with Creech Coal Company, a coal mining company in Kentucky.  As coal began to fade as a fuel source, the company refocused its business and began servicing and selling the equipment instead of the fuel.  That line of business continued until 2007.

Randall Brothers logo from the late 1930's

Randall Brothers logo from the late 1930's

By 1936, Luther H. Randall, Sr., had succeeded his father, H. G. Randall, and had also acquired his uncle’s interest in the business.  During World War II, rationing threatened the company’s very existence by limiting the ability to acquire lumber.  An acquisition, a company now known as Narjoe Timber and Supply Company, was the key for Randall Brothers to survive the tight supply during those years.  Today, Narjoe – as we call it, supplies the company’s high quality pressure-treated and flame proof lumber, yellow pine, and fir dimensional lumber and PVC decking and sheet goods. 

By 1972, Luther H. Randall, Jr., had succeeded his father, Luther H. Randall, Sr., as president of the company.  The company continued its focus on servicing residents and contractors in metro Atlanta, as well as independent dealers both inside and outside the metro area.  Presently, we serve dealers in areas from eastern Alabama, Southern Tennessee, most of South Carolina to the coast, as well as Georgia.

Luther H. Randall, III was elected President in 1989 and by 1998 had succeeded his father Luther H. Randall, Jr., as Chairman and CEO of the company.  As the fourth generation of the Randall family takes over the reins of the company and leads us into the new millennium, the one constant established by H.G. Randall in 1885 remains a tradition of excellence. 

Randall Brothers Inc.’s long history of innovation and customer service provides an energetic platform for allowing growth alongside the country’s best professional builders and dealers by way of Randall Brother’s unparalleled ability to find or manufacture products and solutions for almost any building problem or need.
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