Three Things to Know Before Buying New Home Windows in Atlanta, GA

Home Windows Atlanta GAThere are many great reasons to buy new windows for your home in Atlanta, Georgia. But, new windows are a major investment. As such, it is vitally important that you don’t jump headlong into the window-buying process before you have taken the time to understand all the available options. New home windows are not inexpensive and should be installed only when you are absolutely certain you are making the right investment decision.

Consider the following:

  • Despite some companies in the Atlanta, GA, area making claims to the contrary, new windows won’t pay for themselves – at least not in full. If your primary motivation for buying new home windows is lower energy bills, then look for windows with heat-reflective glass, multiple glass panes, warm-edge spacers, and other features that enhance energy efficiency.
  • Vinyl frames are an excellent choice if what you desire most is affordability and ease of maintenance. Another good option is real wood windows with vinyl or aluminum “skins” on the exterior. Though generally a bit more expensive, these home windows combine the warmth of real wood with the longevity and low maintenance of vinyl and aluminum.
  • Choosing windows that match or complement your home’s architecture is a must. Opting for cheap replacements or windows that just don’t look nice esthetically can actually lower your home’s value.

For more information, contact Randall Brothers, a building materials supplier in Atlanta, GA, that sells a wide variety of quality home windows from multiple manufacturers. We sell vinyl windows, all-wood windows, vinyl-clad wood windows, aluminum-clad wood windows – all in various shapes, styles, and colors. We cordially invite you to visit Randall Brothers in person and speak with a member of our team one on one about your window replacement needs. Randall Brothers is located just south of the Georgia Tech campus.

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